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Ancestral, Cultural, Spiritual Healing for the Community via Expressive Arts & Healing Arts

Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo)
CEO / President

Ancestral, Cultural, Spiritual Healing via Expressive Arts & Healing Arts: Serving Creative Artists, the Jazz Community, & the Larger Community in One Power & One Love

  • URSPIRIT, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, specializing in community healing via Expressive Arts & Healing Arts & Education, Research, Promotion, & Preservation of African & Black Atlantic African Diaspora Arts, Culture, & Spirituality, including Jazz. In the past, wee integrated this wholistic approach with: Homeless Advocacy & Spiritual Counseling, Coaching, Healing Support for those dealing with: Grief, Health Crises & Recovery Issues, including Seniors & others (in Homes, Hospitals, Convalescent, Assisted Living Centers), Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Self Help Centers, & Transitional Housing). We now expand our services for Creative Artists, the Jazz Community, & others in the Community, on a sliding-scale donation basis, (and as alwasy, noone is turned away for lack of funds). We currently focus on offering: spiritual counseling / creative coaching sessions, spiritual healing sessions, workshops, lectures, concerts, events, & ceremonies to bring Ancestral, Cultural, Spiritual Healing to the community.
As featured in Awareness Magazine, URSPIRIT Books & Recordings, Center & Institute, a partner of URSPIRIT, Inc.
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Statement from the CEO, Crystal BlackCreek Carlisle (Onyinyechi-Chipo)

"Just continuing to expand "the work", as divinely guided by the Creator & loving ancestors, on behalf of past, present, & future generations...."
#400 Years of African American History: Comemmorating & Healing from the effects of the African Holocaust & it's aftermath, from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of human bondage (of our African ancestors), with stolen lands & stolen lives of Native Indigenous people of the Americas, (Turtle Island).  We honor our ancestor's Black Lives, their cultural & spiritual traditions, & their unacknowledged contributions to the world (before Columbus) & to the wealth of the West, & the building of this nation's wealth, in particular, upon our ancestor's backs.  We focus now on healing from the effects of false notions of White Supremacy & perpetual oppressive systems & also mis-education about, erasure, devaluation,& demonization of all things African & it's effects on we, (their descendents).
(1619 - 2019)
{Upcoming Ceremony For The Ancestors: inspired by esteemed ancestor, Winnie Mandela, to be announced, by Invitation only)
Blessings All!!!! 

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